Research for Undergrads

For undergraduates interested in becoming involved in research: Use the website to read about our research areas and current projects in the lab. It is worthwhile to read some of the lab’s publications if anything in particular piques your interest. Reach out to Dr. Masiello to express interest and ask to join the group for lab meeting. In addition to attending lab meeting, reach out to other group members to get an idea of what it’s like to do research in our lab. It’s important to have an idea of your potential work environment, what you might be working on and how you’ll be mentored. 

Once you join the lab, you can expect to spend some time initially helping out with other projects before eventually undertaking an independent research project, which can be completed as a Senior Thesis. Attending lab meeting and meeting with Dr. Masiello will help you determine how you can explore your interests while learning new skills and contributing to the group’s work. You will be directly mentored by a graduate student or postdoc, and will also meet frequently with Dr. Masiello to discuss progress, provide feedback and determine future directions. Once you have acclimated to the lab and acquired the skills to work independently, you can work with Dr. Masiello and other mentors in the lab to design an independent project. This involves  determining the research question, performing literature review, developing methods and setting goals and a timeline for the project. Typically, if this project is to be completed as a Senior Thesis, the student will fill out the necessary paperwork in the spring semester of the junior year, enroll in ESCI 401 and 404 and spend 6-9 hours per week in the lab. For more information on the Senior Thesis, visit the department website.

The Masiello lab does work at the forefront of Earth science and we hope you will join us in advancing the field!